"Draw My Heart Out"

Grand Center Arts Academy
St. Louis City, MO

As I open my sketchbook, it is quite a thrill
I gather my emotions, unravel my skills.
The sharp soft lead, contrast—the style
I outline each and every detail—warning—it takes a while.
The sun goes down; I look through my book,
I check my wristwatch—look at all the time I took!
My fingers are dirty-tired, no doubt,
I have a great sensation when I draw my heart out.

But I won’t stop now; I keep my mood up,
And I won’t stop drawing till daybreak erupts.
The action, style, the curves of her eyes
For art isn’t a skill, a habit to my surprise.
And when I show the world my piece, inside and out,
They will be astonished how well I draw my heart out.