"Peace in a Stressed World"

Trinity School of Midland
Midland County, TX

I lie down, watching flowers being crowded by butterflies.
They flap their wings in slow methodic movements.
The sun shoots its rays at me.
Lying down next to my grandmother’s azalea bushes, I have no care in the world.
Even though the sounds of street life grasp at my ears, I ignore them.
I feel that I am in a piece of Heaven.
Fluffy clouds prance across the sky waiting to cover up the radiant sun.
Drops of water soar from the clouds falling down to fleck the world
with a river of water.
Sounds from the streets rage on.
They tempt me to listen to their stories, but I abstain.
I must cherish this moment forever.
I will not regret spending my time in this way
because I know that in the commotion of daily life
there has to be Peace somewhere.