"The Dark Cloud"

Confluence Academy – Walnut Park
St. Louis County, MO

There is a dark cloud just waiting for me.
It’s over my head and under my feet;
it’s just waiting for me.
I try to ignore the people
who drag me down.
I try to resist the dark cloud.

As the roots consume my heart
the dark cloud grows as I fall apart.
I keep my feelings locked up inside;
not good enough to tell.
People never forgive you, but
they forgive the dead.

Pain and sorrow is all I know;
it’s like being trapped in the rain.
I wish I could arise and make the pain go away.
My suffering is connected to the world,
but I’m the only one who can feel it.

My body dies, the anger builds,
the clouds merge, and the road breaks apart.
I try to laugh and smile, but they take it away.
A smile on my face is not for them to gain.

When my heart breaks, I feel myself dying.
I try to keep up my appearances
and have a winning life.
Finally, as I start to live,
I realize that I have it nice.

It’s just a matter of time, people
realize life has meaning.
The hate, the love,
the connection, the feeling.