"Life and Death"

St. Ambrose Catholic School
St. Louis City, MO

Life is an explosion of color into a barren world.
Colors turn into many beings that make up the life of our planet.
Some colors have smells like the sweet fragrance of the pink flower.
The colors make sounds to communicate with each other.
Some colors eat other colors for nutrition.
Some colors mix together to feel another’s touch.
Like lying on the soft green grass, life feels exceptionally amazing.

Death however is ruin and loss,
The feeling of never seeing oneself again.
The sound of crying and sobbing hurts the very soul.
The whole subconscious of oneself is in pain and agony.
The sadness is so strong you can smell it.

With the joys and happiness of life,
All good things though, must come to an end,
Followed with death’s agony and pain.
This is why we need to live life as we can in the present,
Not worrying about the future,
Nor dwelling in the past.