"Mystery Beyond Belief"

Fanning Middle School
City of St. Louis, MO

As humans we can’t help but to create a leader or something to follow
as a leader, a guide you might say.
But for simple logic, there can be no god, Lord over a ruler and creator.
I believe in a god, but I am only a kid.
And I can find plot holes and problems within the belief of a god or creator.
For a fact, if he or she created everything, what created him or her?
And, where or how did he or she come to be so powerful?
And if he or she is so powerful, what made him or her decide to create man?
If he or she knows what and how you will make your life choices
and if he or she knows that I would write this,
would he be able to give me answers to every question I have
and would ever have?
But I am no one to question him or her if that person created the universe.
In a way I just proved that person does exist.
But I am too young.
Too young to make a decision for people that are much wiser
and have lots more life experience.