Westview Middle School
St. Louis County, MO

Life is a journey it lies ahead,
don’t make a mistake or you’ll end up dead.
It can be full of happiness, it can be full of cries,
life depends on you so choose to be wise.
But down the road it gets easy, don’t even worry, just be breezy.
Many things can happen, many things can change,
never look back, because that will cause shame.

Life can cast memories, life can release treasures,
believe in you and you will last forever.
Life is like a sun that always shines
because sometimes you feel heavy and you need light.

Hopes and dreams will appear,
holes and bumps will disappear.
Life is like a book full of rules,
you can be nice or you can be cruel.

Finally you’ll make it through, heart-beating and energized,
life challenges you so don’t be surprised!!!