Jemma Aline
Klein Elementary School
Todd County, SD


What is life?

Most people never realize how precious life is
Until their life is almost gone.
I’ve heard elders tell me regrets they have had in their lives.
I have many regrets just like the others.

After I had lost my father, I realized how precious one’s life is.
He did lots to help other people, and he loved what he did.
He made the most out of his life for he knew he didn’t have long.
He told me his reason for living was because he knew I was coming.

I hope to make my father proud.
I wish more people could be like him.
I wish people would love who they are
And what they do.

What is life?

Instead of hearing people say they love their life,
I hear them say they hate their life and themselves.
I know someone like this. She is a good person,
But she feels bullied and... for what reason?

She doesn’t understand, so she doesn’t talk anymore.
She isn’t who she used to be; she’s afraid to make a mistake.
I miss her; I miss who she used to be.
Why do people hurt others? Is it because they have been hurt themselves?

What is life?

Hurting others is not okay. When you see someone hurting others,
Have you ever thought why? Has he or she been hurt too?
Is that the cause of most bullying?
Everyone targets the bully, calling them bad.

At times I feel sorry for the bully.
I wonder what has happened to make him or her that way.
I hope one day the hurting goes away;
No pain, no fights, no violence.

What is life?

I want people to get along, and disagreements can be healthy.
Fights that turn to violence are not okay.
Not everyone has to like each other; not everyone has to be friends,
But we need to stand among one another and stick up for each other.

So...if you see someone being hurt
Then do something.
Anything would be helpful
To a person in need.

What is life?

Will this question ever be answered? I guess it doesn’t matter.
All that matters is that you learn to love yourself.
Learn to love your life; learn to love your mistakes.
Mistakes are healthy; learn from those mistakes.

What is life?
Life is temporary,
Death is not.
What is life?