"Angel in Disguise"

Fern Bacon Middle School
Sacramento County, CA

Even after you neglected us
And forgot our special occasions
Why do I still make a fuss
When we don’t celebrate your big day

Mom told you to behave
But temptation was what you craved
So, thoughtlessly, you left us
And returned with a bad reputation

I am confused as to why we still let you in

Actually, why do I still let you in
When I was there to witness your sins
Like a lion, my heart raged with roars
But you tamed my voice
Therefore, my life caves in silence
For I am afraid to say something wrong

So, hopefully, one day
God will find a way
For you to embark on something GOOD!

Because my mom, who loved you more
Became nothing to you but a sore
Yet the ladies who didn’t care
You mistook for something too rare

But now I realize it all
Mom said I’m an...
angel in disguise

I’m always ready to catch her when she falls
And when I look in your eyes
I see them full of envy and despise
I guess you shouldn’t have messed with

An “angel in disguise”