LaSalle Springs Middle School
St. Louis County, Missouri

The flame is Fearless to the darkness

The tree is Fearless to the storm
which stands strong against the raging winds
as the leaves flee

The wolves are Fearless to the scavenging hawks
glaring from above

The rules are, briefly, Fearless to the children

The opinion you carry on your tongue
is Fearless to others

The happiness is Fearless to the sadness,
more Fearless than the anger
which is also Fearless but weak

The forgotten memory is Fearless to the one who holds it
but not Fearless to those who made it

I want to be the Fearless to the opinionated strangers
not afraid to speak their minds aloud for all to hear,
to the slow people in the halls,
Fearless as I push my way through

I want to be Fearless in the way writers are,
not because of how they made their story happen
but because they weren’t afraid to try.