"The Pen"

St. Catherine Laboure School
St. Louis County, MO

I am a pen,
Leaping for the blank white page
Eager to write and draw inspiring tales
Tracing lines up and down the paper
Feeling the motions of the desktop below me

Drawing creativity with ink,
I place black upon white like a chessboard.
I like to write stories with my swift motions.
I feel energy rush through me when I create worlds with my mind.

Unlike a pencil, I am not messy.
The pencil lines smudge at random.
But I am the swift and sturdy pen.
I create stories in the blink of an eye.

Ink staining, I race up the page.
Lines sketching back and forth,
I create ideas on paper.
I am the mighty pen.

The pen saved lives.
The pen crossed seas.
The pen stops hunger.

Humans use the pen.
They sketch laws and rules.
They write letters and essays.

The pen inspires.
I inspire.
I am the pen.