When Death Dies”

Rapid City Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School
Pennington County, South Dakota

Every bad thing that has ever happened

Every fault you’ve ever done
Shot away as swiftly as a stone from David’s sling

There is no judge to decide
Except the God who never lied

Turning bad to good
On a gravel road He stood

The robed men He eyed
Those Pharisees who tricked and lied

They crucified Him on the cross
God, the Lord, felt the loss

His son’s life slipped away
His body in a tomb did lay

To rise in three day’s time!

The grave could hold him not
He escaped death!

The evil reigned but fell back
Courage is what Satan shall always lack

He falls back at the sight of the Lord
His angels flee at the cherub’s sword

An invisible war between good and bad
The evil side is pathetic and sad

God shall conquer all
Our faith remains mighty and tall