New Paltz Middle School
Ulster, NY

I am torn between two elements
Two worlds question my judgment of the other,
Constantly colliding,

The seagulls of the ocean screech
And the bees of grass buzz in my ears

Each conniving against each other

I am the being of two worlds,
I am thrown from wall to wall,
Each brick a flimsy certain thought,
Forced to imprint my mind

“Blue eyes,” says the sea,
I see only green,
“Green irises,” confirms the land

The land is my homeland
As the ocean is too vast,

So, like the land,
I should have these green spying things,
I should have a strong hold of my roots,
I should be wise.

The ocean spray calms me,
As the grass itches my skin

So, like water,
I should be free yet smooth,
I should know my place amongst rivers,

I should have a path.

I realize, now
I am a single element,
I have been collided,
These sounds in my head are my own creation,
There is no conniving,
My eyes are teal
And I have no homeland

Why am I not on my clear path?

I am Sand
The creation of Earth and Water
And I know my coursing path between both.