"The Golden Sun Vein"

South City Preparatory Academy
St. Louis City, MO

Rough and ashamed
Twisting turning with excruciating pain
Heartwarming wipes
Living secrets and scary flight

Breaking away from salvation
You shouldn’t get more appreciation
Royal young humming the singing
Spoken to this devilish kingdom
I can’t break away for freedom

Blood is rich and thicker than water
You don’t want to live in trapping slaughter
It’s like trickling acid burning through my veins
Cold crushing ice in the palm of my hand
Living that’s your screaming fan

Looking out of the blue sea
Away from the shadowy surface
The red golden blood rushing through my veins
Well that’s my living fame

Heart pounding, mind racing, crooked smile
It could get killed easily
More willing to foul
Attitude choices is the number one thing
Dreaming is your bridge that’s above everything

Dancing in freedom you really do need ’em
Instead of frozen like a sheet of ice
You’re broken like a speck of ice
Friend, family burn and never die

Your value never be shy
Open and imagination, using people’s appreciation
Pure and fun
Well, your veins are pure and golden like the sun