The Color of Music

St. Joseph School
Ulster County, New York

Put on the headphones.
You see colors swirling in space,
The gray crash of a cymbal,
the melody of an icy-blue flute,
green saxophones hum,
chimes twinkle silver.

A distraction from life,
the dancing rainbows.

The voices, they differ
from navy blue to gold.
Pink ones are common,
and I still like them, yes.

Walking down the street
brown drumbeats patter.
Droplets of orange
rain off the violin.
Piano cues blue
for a rainy day.

How is it,
I wonder,
to live without them?
Just boring noise¾
Is that all you hear?
Thank God for my gift,
because if I did not receive it,
music would have no color at all.

It must be sad
to hear only noise
and not see the beauty
of the colors themselves.