"Wonders of the Sea"

St. Stephen Protomartyr School
City of St. Louis, MO

I gaze over the ocean,
A giant field of blue.
What might lie beneath?
Are you wondering too?

A seahorse swimming along
A clownfish singing her song
A hermit crab alone in a cave
A bearded oyster in need of a shave

An octopus wading in the bay
A great white shark hunting prey
Dolphins gracefully leaping
Lazy clams sleeping

A giant fish with a nose like a sword
A jellyfish looking really bored
A mother and her baby whale
A snail leaving his slimy trail

A colorful school whipping back and forth
A stingray sifting sand to the North
An electric eel lighting up the ocean floor
Seashells of all sizes drifting toward shore

I have always loved imagining
The magical creatures of the sea
With their colorful sights and sounds
How wondrous they can be!