"Best Friend"

South City Preparatory Academy
City of St. Louis, MO

I’m-a tell you a story ’bout my best friend,
about how she took her life and the world almost ended.
She was teased by some people who thought they were cool.
They were actin’ like a fool and thought nothing of school.

I helped her through all the drama,
’cus she couldn’t get help from her own momma.
And I’m going to spill a little secret.
When she got anything, she couldn’t keep it.

If you wanna know why this secret is true,
she was in a foster home that’s the worst times two.
She came up to me when she was feeling sore.

She said, “Kalise, I’m sorry I can’t do it anymore.”

And I swore to the day I die,
that she will be my friend in the afterlife.