"Feeling Like a Flame"

St. Catherine Labouré School
St. Louis County, MO

I am a flame, bright and ardent
shining with intelligence
trying to give solace and warmth to those in need.
Gentle and empathetic, I wish to inspire people around me.
I am a flame.

I can be quick to anger and stubborn at times.
When scared or upset, my fear or anger can spread quickly.
Eyes widening and hands trembling, my fear sends my heart thundering.
I am a wildfire—a blaze—
A flame.

Glowing and shining, I radiate the vivid colors of my personality.
Vivacious and carefree, I am alit with happiness.
Jumpy and hyper, adrenaline runs through my veins,
like a raging fire fueled by gasoline.
I am a flame.

On warm summer nights, I can be bright with happiness,
fueled with the feeling of content.
Sizzling and fading, my fire soon goes out,
a small ember left in a cold night.
I am a flame.