Gateway Science Academy
City of St. Louis, MO

It has eyes black as blood,
as was its soul which did flood,
the innocence that used to be,
the pointless shell of me.

The beast tends to restrain,
but, I can feel it slowly drain,
my incompetent sanity,
oh how I wish I was a child who believed in fairies.

But no, only the morning’s heat,
which does soon beat,
upon my skin,
to free me from that thing’s hungry grin.

Sometimes I hear its awful chanting,
almost like angry ranting,
It speaks in the morning,
about my family which is adoring.

Hey, I still have close friends,
with me ‘til the end,
They give me the strength to go on,
so I’ll no longer be that thing’s pawn.
I can feel the air lifting,
like something’s shifting
I may be free
But I must choose first how to flee.