Salisbury Central School
Litchfield County, CT

They call me annoying even when it’s not true.
They say I’m peculiar but what can I do?
When I ask too many questions they say, “Go away.”
When I say, “Let’s Play”
They say, “Not today.”
If I play with their hair they say I’m too touchy
If I make a concoction
They say, “That’s just yucky.”

But having two sisters isn’t so bad.
They braid my hair and cheer me up when I’m sad.
They pick me up when I fall down.
They make up songs just to fool around.
They’ll even be seen in public with me if I promise to calm down.
We may kick, scream, and punch,
But that’s only because we love each other a bunch.
So, as you can see, being the youngest of three
May not be as bad as you thought it would be.