B E A S T "

McKinley Classical Junior Academy

I'm so deeply sorry, Mister Police
See, I thought she was stiff, or injured, at least
When I chomped on her head
I swore she was dead
You were welcome to join my grand feast!

Please don't arrest me, Mister Police
Do you not see, I assumed deceased
When I ripped out her brain
Believed I caused no pain
And downed it all in one piece!

Have you no mercy, Mister Police
Hear me out, it was glorious meat
When I devoured her soul
And her body in whole
I beg of you, hand me relief!

Where are we going, Mister Police
I'm hungry again, this hunger won't cease
Maybe just a bite, Mister
You taste quite good, Sir
Why won't you move, have you found eternal peace?