The Hidden Part of Me”

Holy Infant School
St. Louis County, Missouri

I hop through the meadow
the long grass beneath my feet
I look around
I finally feel so free
Happy and jumpy when I’m a rabbit
The hidden part of me...

I slither up a hill
spying on my enemy
He sits on a bench
tears run down his face
Sneaky and sly when I’m a snake
The hidden part of me...

I sit on a rock
My mane blows with the wind
proud to be me
I hurt the people who come near me
Strong and brave when I’m a lion
The hidden part of me...

I fly through the sky
My beautiful wings
flutter in the breeze
The crisp air surrounds me
Weightless and beautiful when I’m a butterfly
The hidden part of me...

I jump into the air
and splash into the ocean
I see the people
admiring my tricks
Playful and friendly when I’m a dolphin
The hidden part of me...

Happy and jumpy
Sneaky and sly
Strong and brave
Weightless and beautiful
Playful and friendly
The hidden parts of me...