Walnut Grove Middle School
Ellis County, Texas

Winning is sweet,
sweet like wild honey.
This treat is healthy; it rids the cough.
Winning is healthy; it boosts self-esteem.
But, just like anything,
too much can hurt you, more than it helps you.
Honey could result in a stomachache,
and winning too much could cause one to be prideful.
However, if you are wise, and humble, and kind,
you can win with grace,
and no one can fault winning with

Some try to win for money,
some try to win for bragging rights,
others try to win for social ranks.
Those are all fine reasons,
but the most humble of them all
is to do your best, fair and square,
without thinking of winning in a coveting way.
Then, at the end, stumble upon
Victory, like weary feet,
stumble upon a brook
and a Honey Tree.