Northwest Middle School

I’m constantly running 
On rough terrain. 
Some days I feel 
I may go insane. 
I am chastised for 
The color of my skin. 
It seems there is no place 
That I can fit in, 
Too white to be black. 
And too black to be white, 
It seems I exist 
Only to fight. 
By the same spirit 
We have all been created 
But from my own kind 
I have been berated. 
I long for kind words 
But only receive cruelty. 
People notice my skin, 
But ignore my ingenuity. 
I hope and I wait 
For a better day 
One when my children 
Are free to say 
Accept me for what 
I am inside 
There’s beauty in us all 
We don’t want to hide 
I am as good as you 
So just let me be me 
Stop judging this person 
By what you think you see 
But for now all I can do 
Is just live each day 
And overcome the obstacles 
That may come my way.