“Crimes of Society”

Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy
Dallas County, Texas

Members of a posse
I can't say I'm proud of.

Slowly killing themselves,
while destroying their only home.

They only care about the children
when the child is theirs,
because other children's daily struggles never cross their minds.

They victimize their own people
because that person's skin is sun-kissed,
or their accent is foreign,
or simply because those people aren't as careless as they are.

They humiliate those who can't afford,
point out those with flaws,
and skip over those with no voice.

They shun the holy sinners
as they overlook their own recent sins.

But despite all of this,
I still disregard the issue as if it doesn't matter.
So I guess you can say
I'm human too,
and we are all guilty.