"I Am"

Confluence Academy South City
City of St. Louis, MO

I am happy,
because I have felt pain.
I’ve had my seasons through the sunshine and the rain.
I have cried and cried for countless hours.
My tears fall like waterfalls and rain showers.

I am strong,
because I know my weakness.
I know how it feels to be kicked while you are down.
I know what being defeated is.

I am loved,
because I know how it feels to be alone,
to not have somebody to call on the phone,
to feel like nobody cares
and you are always alone,
to think nobody would care if your real feelings showed.

I am me.
I have been knocked down as soon as I’ve gotten on my feet.
I have been told that the best,
I won’t reach,
that a wannabe is all I will ever be.
I’ve been told that a realistic dream is what I need.

But I promise you,
I promise the world,
just like in my poems,
just like in my dreams,
I will make it.
You just watch and see.