“The Brightest Part of My Day is ELA

Hermosa Elementary School
Custer County, South Dakota

You matter, you matter
I am glad you are my teacher
In every day-to-day life
you make me feel amazing
You matter, you matter

You call yourself a nerd
and help us learn from our mistakes
You get us ready for high school
and that reminds me
You matter, you matter

You are one of the most important parts of my life
I love the way you hold me mentally
And even though I don’t see you everyday
You are in my mind every which way

I don’t know why I love you so much
I think it’s because you are and forever will be
stuck in the red pulsing thing in my chest
From the day you were born

to the day now
You’ve mattered, you’ve mattered

Just don’t forget your purpose in life
as I will not mine
is to teach and to learn
at the very same time
You matter, you matter