Mountainside Christian Academy
Essex County, NY

Sometimes I have thought,
More often than not,
About the things of which we think
And if our thoughts truly are in sync.

For the mind is a gate
Where thoughts will skate,
And our fate will wait,
Which may make us debate
Whether or not we are great,
And our thoughts may deflate.

Does my mind work like yours?
Do you think of afters and befores?
And thought, your mind outpours?
If not, then you should get outdoors!

But without my brain
How could I be sane?
The lack of my brain
Would be my bane!
I would be stuck to a chain
And would be driven insane!

I think of the colors in which we see
Are your red, green and blue the same colors to me?
And how would you see the high sea?
Or even a snow pea?
And if we see colors differently,
What would be the cause of this discovery?
For surely it would not be by me!
And who would be the nominee
To discover the variations of what we see?

Truly the mind can rhyme.
On the waves of time
The brain will climb
Without need of mime.
The mind in its prime
Is truly sublime.