"After All"

Sharon Center School
Litchfield, CT

What is growing up
Growing up is when memories are made
The kind you don’t forget
When you realize you’re not too old for Disney movies
But you greet them as old friends
When you find who your true friends are
The ones who will always be by your side
When society holds you back
And you break free
When homework piles up
And you struggle
When you like someone
And they break your heart
When quotes are your life
And your camera roll is full of them
When you are told what is cool
And you do it
When you grow apart from your family
But they are still your everything
Growing up is Friday movies
That no one goes to anymore
When you try to fit in
And still you are different
When life gets hard
But no matter what, you don’t give up
All the rough patches in life are just pieces to a greater story
Take the drama
Play the part that you’ve always wanted to be
Life is just a giant riddle that people are overthinking
No wonder no one’s found the answer
But it’s so simple
Grow up at your own pace
After all
It is your life