"Voices in the Night"

Cochiti Middle School
Sandoval County, NM


When the sun goes down, my day is not done.
I close my eyes and fall into a land of fun
Where trees talk and people fly,
And days drift slowly by.
The apples are caramel, the clouds candy,
And the number of friends is many.
But my dreams aren’t always so sweet.
For the danger comes from a stranger I meet.
When my only friends are myself and I,
It is then that a stranger walks by.
He whispers in my ear nothing but a lie.
I follow him to a stream
Where he walks in and lets out a convincing scream.
I run to help but realize it’s too late,
That my foolish mistake determined my fate.
The water grabs my leg and pulls me in,
Dragging me faster than the roaring wind.
I open my eyes right then
And realize it’s over again.