"Then I Found Out"

St. Stephen Protomartyr School
St. Louis City, MO

Today while I walked to the grocery store,
I noticed a man at the orphanage door.
He left a big bag of cash on the stair,
Then he departed without a care.
O how amazing it would be if I were that rich!
Just the thought was enough to make me twitch.
I could buy a new car and house on the beach,
Nothing would be out of my reach.
I watched the man and noticed something was not right.
He bumped and collided like a reckless plane flight.
Then the man stumbled as if he had lost his mind,
And then I found out—he was blind. 

Today I decided to take the bus home,
But when I boarded, it was too crowded to roam.
So I had to stand up the whole long ride,
When I saw a handsome man at the far side.
Everyone stared at his beautiful face,
And rushed to sit near him as if in a race.
O how wonderful it would be to look as gorgeous as he!
Life would be way easier, I guarantee.
But when people tried to talk to him,
He simply stared and looked very grim.
He even ignored a famous TV chef,
And then I found out—he was deaf. 

Today while I sat on the front porch,
The sun was shining like a blazing torch.
A friendly lady walked by with a smile
And she stopped to chat for a while.
I started to think she was such a nice person
That my own self-image started to worsen.
O how fantastic it would be to have her personality!
I wished I could learn her ways of individuality.
The lady told me she should be on her way
Because she needed to look for another place to stay.
“My husband recently died,” she said toneless,
And then I found out—she was homeless. 

Today I delivered a letter for a friend.
I came to the house near the street end.
When I went inside to deliver the note,
I discovered the girl in bed with a root beer float.
O how awesome it would be to have all that time to rest!
And be free to do whatever I think best.
It would be nice to fritter the hours away
To not have to worry and watch TV all day.
Then the girl said, “Thank you for retrieving my letter.
I would get it myself, but it’s for the better.
If I got out of bed I would fall because I’m unstable,”
And then I found out—she was disabled. 

I am so lucky to be myself
Just as I am, not some puppet on a shelf.
I am not perfect in every way,
I am just me and that is okay.
So when I get jealous or even envious,
I remember my life is really quite glorious.