"I Am the Penny"

Morris Ford Middle School
Pierce County, WA

I am the penny
Not number one, just one
Alone down in the bottom of the bag
Not hated nor loved, just worthless

I am the penny
I’ve seen too much
Poor people treasure me like I am their one possession
rich people seem to not care if they receive their full change

I am the penny
sitting down here in the dark
My head looking up at the longing light of the world
My tail sitting beneath me

I am the penny
1992 branded on my chest
Below the statement “In God We Trust”
Next to liberty

I am the penny
With an insult written on my back
“One Cent” in big bold letters
But there is something you should know

I am the penny
But when lots of us come together
We can make a nickel
We can make a dollar

We are the penny
So proud and strong
All of our Abrahams
our heads held high

We are the penny
Put through much harm
Always humble about our value
But together, proud to make something bigger

We are the Penny