Silent Sacrifices

St. Patrick Catholic School
Pierce County, Washington 

I move around
and I switch schools.
My dad serves our country.
I am a military brat.

I leave my friends, but don’t forget.
I sacrifice my dad for this.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not throwing a pity party.
So pop the balloons, I don’t want your pity.

I move every few years,
seeing new things, meeting new people.
I’ve lived in more places
than you’ve probably visited,
because I am a military brat.

To be honest, I actually like my life as a brat.
I get variety, adventure, and uncertainty.
It’s true, sometimes my dad’s not at home with us,
but that just means we are even more grateful when he is home!
People think it’s crazy, all this moving around,
but starting from scratch has become second nature,
so it doesn’t bug me as much.

I miss my friends––it’s hard not to
when you get to know them so well.
All I keep thinking is
“I’ll see them again, I know I’ll see them again.”

When my dad’s gone, I miss him.
Who wouldn’t? He’s a part of my life.
It’s like having a wall that’s missing a piece,
there’s nothing to hold you
when you’re falling down.

I love my life.
I really do.
It’s sad and upsetting,
but fun and exciting.
I’m a military brat.