"Finger-painting Your Way Through College"

St. James the Greater School
City of St. Louis, MO

Some peoples dream
Of goin’ to college
To be parts of an educated team
And seeks mores knowledge.

I live yonder
Over the hillside
Imaginings I was in school—
Or at least I tried.

I tried bein’ proper
Like a plugging in your brain cord
Like a rubber tub stopper.

I’m a lil’ ol’ hillbilly.
My siblings says I was stupid—
Even my parents says I was silly.
I wasn’t allowed in high school
Because my stench was putrid.

Here I is, calm and collected
Just a sittin’,
And thinkin’ ‘bout how I’ve been affected.

Believes it or not
I actually went to college—
I finger-painted a picture
(That looked a Picasso painting)
And I was accepted for my
Abundance in the ART of knowledge.

I didn’t learn nothing special—
When I went to Phys. Ed. Class
No one knews how to mud wrestle.

It was a waste of time
In my perspective,
So that’s a why I became
A Redneck Detective.

Here’s some advice:
You better think twice ‘bout
Goin’ to college
Because all you need is a brain
That doesn’t requires knowledge.