"The Spark"

Long Middle School
St. Louis City, MO

As I walk on the sidewalk
And I reach that small park
My brain started drifting
And I felt a small spark
I gazed and I drifted till I swallowed my tongue
I was so restless so stupid and blatantly dumb
To have not of seen what I could have become

So smart I was to not do as I was told
To forget all of this and go run back home
To let go of my dreams
and go home in a dome
Unable to get out all trapped and alone
But I will find this flame
And ignite this small spark
Then I’ll fight off this darkness and light up this park

20 Years later I remember that park
And that flame that ignited this spark
and created all of light
So I made this world happy
And lit up the dark
Until one day the darkness was too much for this spark
So I leave this flame for whoever is next
To take on the darkness and finish my quest