"Crystal Tears"

St. Cecilia School and Academy
St. Louis City, MO

I look up into the clear sky.
Tears run like liquid crystals down my face.
They turn into ice.
I see red all around me.
I feel like I’ve been crying so much.
Why does it feel like blood is running down from my eyes?
Through the window I see my family full of disappointment.
I see hands reaching out like a tree, but I can’t reach back.
My tears run down my face again.

What is that thing in the mirror?
Is that me?
In the reflection why do I look like I am dead?
My pain cuts me apart section by section.

Is this the time, or is it too late?
Should I stay or go away?
I can’t take it anymore living in this world.
It’s ice cold.
I want others to see I have feelings too.
Look into my eyes.
Tell me if I’m fine or not.
But you tell me.

I don’t say things about my feelings.
I’m scared you will make fun of me.
The beats in my heart are going slower every day.
I reach in the dark.
I long for light.
I see my friends so happy.

Why can`t I be happy like them?
Every day I know I will rest with a cold heart.
The next thing I know I’m gone.
I`m the talk of the people now.
As I’m laid in the box all I can hear is
“Poor girl.”

And I wake up in a different world.