"Through the Looking Glass"

Marian Middle School 

 I see this world as a big mess
People lay dead…looking so lifeless
Wealthy ones won’t give to the poor, but will buy a new dress
Too many unfortunate ones are now homeless
Through the Looking Glass

Suspects are truly innocent
Women selling themselves for a couple of cents
Orphans have nowhere to go and no one to vent
Families on welfare haven’t paid last month’s rent
Through the Looking Glass

Vulnerable children get bullied
Her boyfriend in the hallway kissing her “bestie”
All that working in the fields gave you bruised knees
That old woman with the cats you don’t understand clearly
Through the Looking Glass

Sure some positive things
But I apologize, the negative is outweighing
Someday there will be world peace
I’ll have a good day in class
But until then…
I See It Through the Looking Glass