"Feel My Pain"

Fanning Middle School

She roams the halls
Searching for souls
Acting like a demon
Looking to take control

In the night
She searches your room
Ready to take you
Get ready for your doom

She has a purpose
Beyond the grave
But don’t look at her
Her body’s decayed

She doesn’t want your children
She wants just you
She’ll take you to her slaughterhouse
And will get revenge onto you

As you scream and yell
She won’t care
But as she hears the bells
She disappears

You try to get out
But there’s no way
She brings back another victim
And both of you will have to stay

You tried to figure 
Why are you there
Because the pain she gives you
Is too much to bear

You think back 
On what happened 
But all you get 
Is a floating caption

It said, “You’re very odd.
You will never be
As popular as them
Or even me.”

You try to apologize but she doesn’t take it
You beg and plead
But all she did was 
Make you worry and bleed

But she doesn’t kill you
As you thought
She takes you home
Because she doesn’t want to get caught

All she wanted was revenge
On you and your friends
This is where the story bends
Because my friend, this is your end

She’s behind you…