“Inspiration Born

Trinity School
Midland County, Texas

Staring intently at the blank white canvas
I’m desperately searching for inspiration, and then I see it.
My inspiration has crawled its way back into my mind.
I swiftly pick up the tattered pencil and begin.
Now my inspiration is slowly creeping to life.

My mind is alive with imagination, swirling, dancing.
Then I’m astonished, for color penetrates my mind.
I grab my brush as color engulfs my scattered thoughts.
My brush flies as things happen in my mind that no one seems to know.

I see the colors, they’re mesmerizing, but the painting needs something more.
Now I remember, as I see the shadows and highlights appear.
The darks, lights, and middle tones combine, and begin to take their place.
Just like that the inspiration born in my mind, takes a life-like form on the once blank canvas.