"No More"

Jefferson Middle School
Sangamon County, IL

You whisper peace
But you scream war
Well, we are here to say, “No more” 

You say, “Don’t fight”
But you raise your fists to the sky
Well, we are here to say, “No more”

You promised it would end
But then…
Boom!  Pang!
Another bomb lands
And then comes the pain

You promise to dry them
But you ignore our tears
Why say you will help us
When you’re the root of our fears?

We say, “No more”
But you don’t seem to hear us
We knock on opportunity’s door
But it never opens

No more…
Words with so much meaning
Mean little to you…
You never make peace
when you say you will,
But you make war
wherever you can

We have stomped, shouted, and said, “No more
But still you do not listen
Well, once again we say to you, “NO MORE”