“Beauty Has No Weight Limit”

PS/IS 218Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School
Bronx County, New York

Society looks at the way we dress
If you’re unattractive, you’re loved less

People look at everything you got
But why does that determine who loves us or not?

Everyone hates you if you are fat
People laugh at you and start chitchat

But when you are thin, you’re loved by everyone
Adored by many and hated by none

Every fat girl wishes to be thin and pretty
To be accepted by the world and take nobody’s pity

They starve themselves to lose weight
So they won’t get judged for what they ate

But a scale does not determine your place
In this society filled with hate

People need to show their ribs
And show this bad example to kids

To be accepted into this big Shallow Place
So why listen to what society wants?

They make fun of every person with their taunts
Why can’t this world be happy with what it already has?

Because we are just as equal to
The person society wants us as.