"Lady Luna"

St. Ambrose School

Looking up at nighttime,
You see above the celestial Luna Lady,
Steadily gleaming lucent-like in the skyline.
When she is out, the Luna Lady shines luminously,
Her lovely, white face tranquilly watching everything.
The Luna Lady is whole, partial, and renewed again,
Weeping at the loss of Darkness and the beginning of Day.
Over and again she comes, and dances to the owl’s song.
Her graceful Luna-Lady Trot circling the inky black sky.
The tides also dance back and forth to Luna Lady’s will.
The stars, her and Sir Sun’s children, light Luna’s way,
Until it is time to leave, and let Sir Sun light the world.
Immortal and everlasting she is, but all day she is not.
Many millions have beheld her, but only in darkness.
She wishes to stay all day, not only at night.
And that is Luna Lady’s unanswered plight.
And it will forever be unchanging.
Luna will be as Luna was.