"My Mother That Was Never My Mother"

Holy Infant School
St. Louis County, MO

You were the maker of my life.
Why did you do it?
Did you not love me?
Or was it that you didn’t want me?
You went to the doctor,
The evil doctor.
I was listening in your womb,
but had no idea what the words meant.
Could I have done something wrong?
But how, when I wasn’t even born yet?
Why did you take the medicine?
It wasn’t hurting you,
But it was killing me.

You loved your other daughters, but not me?
I could have loved you!
I could have been the best of your four daughters.
Why didn’t you give me a chance?
Did you realize what you were doing?
Did you care?
I realize that I couldn’t do anything about your decision.
I was gone from your life forever.
So tell me – “Mother” – if that is what I should call you –
Why did you do it?