"How Freedom Came to Be"

Langston Middle School
St. Louis City, MO

There was a man named Martin, last name King,
He had a very inspirational dream.
His dream was to free the Blacks,
He wanted them to stop getting whacked.
The time of slavery flew by,
Like a little birdie in the sky.
The people screamed, “God forgive us,
We no longer want to ride in the back of the bus.”

They were tired of the Whites and going to jail,
They didn’t have any money for bail.
Martin’s dream was for Whites to come clean,
Think positive thoughts and not be so mean.
Instead of Whites getting lost in their own minds,
The way they treated Blacks had no reason or rhyme.
Petrified and defeated, they prepared their righteous minds,
They had to get ready for better spiritual times.

Martin preached, “I have a dream today,”
He announced his words, what he had to say.
As he spoke the people cried and cried,
They tried not to show it, inside they had died.
Martin’s words grew on them like a tree.
They knew one day they would be totally free.
Martin was always by their side,
And their hearts were filled with love and pride.

In the end, they finally won their respect and a place,
Proud, strong, and defiant the Black human race.