Our Redeemer Lutheran School
St. Louis County, Missouri

The sky is grey
A calm and gentle breeze whistles its songShe listens
Seeing everything in black and white
Smelling the awful smell of tears and sorrow
Tasting the harmful chemicals
This was once a wonderful space
Full of color and happiness
But a wave of darkness
Has washed that happiness away
She remembers all of it
The screaming and the yelling
The blood and the spilling
It haunts her for the rest of her life
She has nothing
Except a mirror in which she sees herself
No, it isn’t her, it is the monster who did this
What has she done to the world and herself
She did what she did then looked down at her hand
Seeing the blood she doesn’t remember spilling
She has lost it all
So she ended what remained
And then nothing was left but the wind’s song