"You Are So Annoying"

Lake Mary Preparatory School
Seminole County, FL

You walk by like you own the place,
When really you do not.
Like you own everything,
When annoying is all you got.

Everything about you screams annoying
Your voice makes my ears bleed.
Attempts of befriending
Psh! between the lines you must read.

You’re as kind as Darth Vader combined with Voldemort,
But when what you think comes out of your mouth
I just flat out snort.

You are so annoying.
Every single day.
Yes, you are so annoying
In every single way.

Someday you’ll make me crack
With your irritating ways.
You’ll make me go wack,
So I’ll walk up to you and say,

You are so annoying
Every single day
Yes, you are so annoying,
In every single way.

Leave me
Before I scream
Your annoyingness has shown,
To make my unhappy side gleam.

You’re not as great as you think you are.
Yes, someday you’ll see,
That one person dislikes you,
And that person is me.