"A Storm"

Most Sacred Heart Catholic School
St. Louis County, MO

It was a calm yet very dark night
The full moon was shining very bright.

I was in the back of a car on an old country road.
I was lying on a blanket my own aunt sewed.

I was awoken from a very long slumber
By the strange sound of a rumble of thunder.

I looked out the window through the fog’s thick shroud
And saw lightning, thunder, and a cumulonimbus cloud.

The large thunderhead towered over the sky.
I soon became very frightened. Oh my! Oh my!

The rain began to pound on our thick windshield,
But no water came through. It was very sealed.

When I got to my house not a soul could be found.
Neither my father nor sister was walking around.

I then heard a very peculiar sound.
It was a tornado siren! I raced all around.

I ran through the hallways and right down the stairs
To find that my sister was already down there.

We waited in the basement and heard the whole house rumble.
We heard the tornado grunt and grumble.

After the storm, our house had not met its demise,
But it makes me wonder what would happen if another storm should arise?