St. Louis Priory School
St. Louis County, MO

I got a Christmas puppy,
At least that’s what they said,
But when I got him home,
I began to scratch my head.

He looked just like a dog,
‘til I saw what he could do,
He jumped from chair to chair
Like a lemur in the zoo.

He climbed up in my face
Just like a tabby cat,
And when I gave him his first bath,
He seemed more like a rat.

I thought he was part sheep,
As I brushed his wooly coat,
But then he kept on climbing high,
Just like a mountain goat.

He then went through our trash,
Like raccoons often do,
Then began the stealing,
He chewed up my new shoe!

Now that I have owned this thing
For darn near two whole years,
I still can’t figure out,
Where he got his rabbit ears.

Today when asked what pet I have
I don’t know what to say.
At least I won’t be guessing
If I’ll love him every day.