“Sounds and Sights”

Stevens Middle School

In the moment of stillness
Right before the hike
I hear cheers and screams from the crowd
But those are in the distance.

Up close, the sounds and sights bringing me to focus
Are Levi's loud, "Down, set, hut!"
And then, all of a sudden,
A flurry of shoulder pads and helmets.

The crack of helmets colliding
Grunts of players blocking or being blocked
And flashes of running backs and tight ends sprinting
Trying to score, trying their best.

I push and push as I block
Close enough to smell the must of the defensive tackle
As he struggles to get through my wall.
But he won't.

And then the sounds and sights
Telling me it's okay to release
Cheers from the crowd
And the running back in the end zone celebrating.

I don't get the glory
But it's not just about me
Though I know, that without me,
The quarterback would be face down, sacked, and done.