St. Clare of Assisi School
St. Louis County, MO

Perfect is a word that cannot describe me
Because I, like everyone else, have flaws you can or cannot see
I may not be the prettiest or the smartest in the grade
But I am who I am, because this is how I was made
We think perfect is a word that means beautiful, smart, and kind
But to me, flawless isn’t the word that comes to mind
Perfect means to embrace your flaws and be proud
I, for one, can be a bit annoying and loud
I don’t have the best clothes or the prettiest hair
And if I’m being honest sometimes I do care
But instead of complaining I stick a smile on my face
Because those flaws are what have made me different in the first place
Maybe if we all could just be ourselves we could see how great it can feel
To show people who we really are instead of hiding ourselves to be