"Elements of My Mind"

Our Lady Catholic School
Jefferson County, MO

When I hear the word impossible,
I can see all of the possibilities.
When I hear the word can’t,
I think of all of the ways I can.
My mind is inventive, it is like an inextinguishable flame.
No one can extinguish the spark of my imagination.
One day, my spark will catch fire.

Most people see a plain white wall,
I envision a sea of patterns and lines.
They look at the tiles on the floor,
I look at a Connect-the-Dots just waiting to happen.
My mind is artistic, it is like a river’s current.
No one can stop the flow of my creativity.
Soon, the flow will be a flood.

When someone doesn’t think anything of it,
It is all I can think about.
They don’t want to know what is behind the door,
I can’t wait to figure it out.
My mind is inquisitive, it is like a firm rock.
No one can conquer over the firmness of my curiosity.
Someday, that rock will be a boulder.

Someone sees a blockade,
I see just an obstacle.
They believe that there is just one way,
But I find another.
My mind is ingenious, it is like a strong breeze.
No one can stop the strength of my intelligence.
Eventually, my breeze will become a tornado.

They see an ordinary girl,
But I see someone who is extraordinary.
They don’t know who she is,
I do.
My mind is unique,
It is like fire, water, earth, and air.
No one can stop me now.
I am unique.